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Death waits for Noche Villanueva. In her human form, she is a lone science girl, grieving the tragic accidental drowning of her girlfriend, Dante Fuentes. In her other reality, Noche is shapeshifter, an ethereal jet-black owl called a Lechuza, an escort for the dead to the mystery of the ever after. It is her legacy, her duty, one she now refuses to honor for Dante because she can’t fathom letting her go, even though every moment Dante’s spirit roams the earth, the more she fades into the unknown to be lost forever

Then, a new kid comes to town, Jax. They connect in a way Noche can’t ignore, her heart beating like it hasn’t since before Dante died. Noche begins to imagine a life without the ghost of her first love, until Jax reveals his own precarious mortality, which leaves Noche questioning her inherited purpose and everything she’s ever believed in.


"Prepare to be ensnared by the hauntingly beautiful tale of On the Wings of la Noche — a spellbinding book that weaves together love, loss, and the supernatural. Torres’s gorgeous prose explores the strength required to let go, to embrace the unknown, and to find a new path amidst the shadows of the past. This book will linger long after the final page is turned."


- Aiden Thomas, NYT Bestselling author of

The Sunbearer Trials - 

"An absolute masterclass in storytelling. On the Wings of la Noche powerfully explores grief in a way that is honest, magical, and kind. One can only be left feeling grateful for the life we're given and hopeful about what waits for us all beyond the sky." 


- Angela Montoya, Author of Sinner’s Isle - 

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